About eCoin Invest

Who we are?
eCoin Invest Limited provides financial services and has been successfully registered in the United Kingdom in 2015. The company founder and its general manager is also a major trader and market analyst with experience more than 30 years in the field of trust management and financial activities in international markets. His name is Richard Villa, and it's known to many participants in multicurrency trade in England and even beyond. In early 2010, he gathered a group of young professionals in the sphere of financial trading and fundamental analysis to trade Forex. Today, our team continues to develop and improve our trading system, which includes the classic intraday Forex trading and diversification opportunities that the modern direction of cryptocurrency offers us. This allows us to be focused on stable profits, and effectively reduce the risk of loss of financial assets.

Since the widespread of cryptocurrency use we brought our attention on Bitcoin and its derivatives. Temporary trend in the exchange rate depreciation and the current analysis of crypto market was the impetus for the favorable development of the situation and forecasting and experts of eCoin Invest Limited have decided to proceed with the mass purchase of digital currency and trading on the world's leading crypto exchanges.

Headquarters of eCoin Invest Limited are in Liverpool. The company is listed by Company House, the United Kingdom's registrar of companies and an executive agency of Her Majesty's Government. You can check the legitimacy of eCoin Invest Limited on the registrar website using company name or its registration number: 9744535. Preview of the Certificate of Incorporation is available following this link.


What do we offer you?
Our many years of experience in the Forex market, as well as an active trade on world cryptocurrency markets is an absolute guarantee for a fruitful and effective cooperation. Since 2015 we provide services in the field of fiduciary management and achieved excellent results. We are pleased to offer our numerous clients around the world the best conditions for long-term and most importantly safe earnings with eCoin Invest Limited. Terms for investors are transparent and easy to understand. Depending on the strategy, your investment period can be 50, 100, 200 days or forever. Ease of investment creates a comfortable environment where you can become company client with only 10$. You can make a deposit and withdraw profit using the most popular payment systems such as Bitcoin. All processes is automatic. We do not need the registration — you are identified via your bitcoin address only.

In case you have chosen the strategy of daily accruals and withdrawals of profit, then your income will range from 10% to 30% depending on the amount of your deposit daily. Withdrawals is automatic.

If you do not want to track the daily accruals you can make a deposit into one of the investment plans with one-time income at the end of the investment period after, 3 calendar days. Your total return including deposit amount back will be from 10% to 30% daily, depending on the amount you have invested.

What are conditions for partners?
For those who want to earn more eCoin Invest Limited offers a simple one-tier affiliate program. To take advantage of it you should just copy referral link and use it for registration of potential investors. Share your link with your friends and tell them about eCoin Invest Limited. Once someone clicks on your link and registers an account he becomes your referral. When he decides to be our investor you will receive a 5% affiliate commission from each of his deposit.

To use referral link and earn rewards, you must be an active investor and invest at least 10$.